God is Love

All our lives we have been taught that God is Omnipresent and God is inside everyone of us. That’s not what it is actually. By the term  ‘God Is Omnipresent’ it doesn’t mean that God is present in every living and non-living thing around. Technically God doesn’t need to be inside everyone and everything to monitor their deeds.

We always knew that God was in our hearts. And why is it so? Did you ever think how do we know this?… It is because God is Love, Unconditional Love. The true language of all souls is Love. We are sent here to dance to the music of life spreading unconditional love for everyone and everything around us. Thus, raising the vibration of Mother Earth.

what we come here bringing in our hearts is the Essence of God – the unconditional love that is. Once, a few days back I was with my elder brother and a relative of ours. We were discussing everything under the sun and the topic of God being omnipresent popped-up. While this relative pressed on the idea that God is present in everyone and everything, my elder brother refused to take on that viewpoint. My brothers take on this topic was, if God is present in everyone then we should have been God-like. Then why are there murderers, rapists and other criminals or crooked-minded psychopaths in the world?

Here is where I got the idea and thought a lot about it. I understood that God doesn’t need to be omnipresent. He has sent us all with a part of Him, and it is upto us whether we try to remember and perform our dance in the tune of unconditional love towards all or, go off-track and get sucked up by the duality of this world, by getting greedy and trapped in darkness.

Unfortunately, Earth is that planet where we enter with amnesia. We recognise love but forget its source and the true nature of love itself. We are all God’s children. We are paid our dues according to our roles, and this, the universe balances out as our karma. We get what we give, it’s that simple.

Don’t forget your true essence. Tap into your heart and you’ll be surprised to find your true-self that is pure as a child beaming with positivity, playfulness and unconditional love for one and all.

You are a soul and You Are Love.

Those Purges

The spiritual journey is like peeling a huge onion. Every time you think, “yes! I have arrived”, you see yourself purging out some more emotions and patterns you thought you had already healed. There are multiple layers of purges and healing work throughout the spiritual journey. All of a sudden something long forgotten or hidden creeps up jolting you out of your calmness and you squeak, “WHAT? am I not done yet?”

Emotions and patterns that no longer serve your higher consciousness are brought out for you to purge, evaluate and let go. These emotions and patterns also come in the form of people, places and things. Hence, it becomes more painful. But you have to purge out the emotions and let go of those things that don’t resonate with your soul-purpose and higher vibrations.

It becomes easier once you are used to it and stand in your power, in the I AM PRESENCE. Initially, in the early stages, it happens to be a very tough job. These purges make you feel like you will almost die!

I had my moments of the darkness, painful emotional purges that made me so goofy that I stopped talking to people for days. I preferred staying locked in my room. I lost my appetite and then my weight drastically. To wake up it was necessary for me to purge out unwanted emotions, patterns and Identities I was clinging onto. I had to fall into the pit of darkness to beg for The Light to save me.

You can’t understand the value or importance of Light unless you fall in the pits of darkness. You have to crave for light. And to embrace light we have to bare our everything that we thought is a part of us. You are stripped-off of your Ego, Pride, and the masks which were once an important and integral part of your identity. You feel vulnerable and naked, but this is you the real you. You wake up to a whole new ‘YOU’.

And once you are embraced by the light, you start getting your answers. Each time you purge now, you become conscious and receptive of everything going around you. Your energies and vibrations upgrade helping you understand what pain feels like and make you more emphatic, compassionate and loving towards all.

Always remember you are an instrument of light present here at this moment to serve the highest plan of God, and that you are never forgotten. You are love and light.

Bring colours back into your life

Some unwanted events and things that happen in our lives at some point bog us down making us feel unloved, unworthy, unsatisfied with self-limiting thoughts and always seeming pissed off. You can’t manifest a good life and follow your soul-purpose of being unconditional love by staying in such low vibrations and having limited thoughts about yourselves.

To reach that place of unconditional love and manifestation, you have to heal yourself of all that has been weighing you down consciously or unconsciously. Try to figure out the pattern that has always been playing in your life. A pattern that pisses you off and always makes you think,  “Why does it happen only/ everytime with me?” We have all gone through such phases and have heard many others say it many many times.

To get to the root of the problem, try to find out the pattern that has been playing in your life since your early childhood, throughout your teenage and adolescent days continuing till today. Join the dots.

Many people have unhealed emotions with their parents, relatives, close acquaintances, friends, siblings etc. For now, let’s keep it close and talk about unhealed emotions with parents. This is a common thing. Think what was your relationship like with your Father and mother, or they can be your stepdad/stepmom too. Write down the concurring patterns that left you feeling rejected, abandoned, misunderstood etc…You can repeat this exercise with the other factors too.

When things like this keep happening to us again and again in a pattern, we somehow absorb it in our subconscious mind and a feeling of unworthiness of happiness and deservingness surrounds us. We auto-tune into the mode of sacrifice and without our conscious awareness, we make ourselves sacrificial goats in the hands of the world. It will continue happening unless the pattern is tracked down. Observe the pattern and ponder over the idea thinking, “What are the lessons that I choose to learn in this lifetime by being abandoned, rejected etc…?”

We have to understand the patterns, absorb the lessons learnt, be grateful and let go of all disharmony and ill-feeling towards whoever concerned. They are not our enemy. They are our life teachers. We gain from them. Once you realise everything and grasp the pattern, and that whatever they did made you stronger in understanding life and making you a more sensible and sensitive human, you will forgive them. You will then get hold of the strings of your life in your own very hands becoming the co-creator of your desired reality.

Heal whatever is weighing you down from being your authentic self. Identify the root causes, learn to accept the lessons and shake it off from your system. Just let it disappear in thin air as if it never existed in your life. free yourself from it or you may see it play out again in your later life with your wife/husband and kids. There is no point in blaming others for your misfortunes in life.

You come here to learn how to live under certain limitations in this 3D plane, to master your limited beliefs, to accept yourself with all your flaws and become the perfect example of self-acceptance. Only when we accept and love ourselves with all our flaws, and limitations, we can ooze out unconditional love for one and all. Be grateful for the lessons learnt and spread unconditional love by becoming the perfect example of love and light. Choose to bring colour back in your life and spread it out as a rainbow from your heart.

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Check your thoughts as your thoughts create your reality. Time is an illusion. The future that you are apprehensive of is the culmination of what you create today. You are the co-creator of your life, of your future working along-with the Universe.

You get back what you give out. The Universe knows no right or wrong. But it is a great balancer. No one is gone away without paying for his/her deeds or reaping what he/she had sown. Be positive in your thoughts. Not only for yourself but for the collective as well. We are what we perceive ourselves to be. Think big, trust yourself.

A lesson that I learned in my awakening journey is not to rely on my brain at all times. There are times when your brain can make you take decisions based only on logic, greed and lust. Drop down to your Heart and listen carefully what your Gut says. Does it make you happy or apprehensive of your decisions? Your Heart never lies, it is a mirror of who you are and knows what you truly want from life. Don’t be scared to follow your Heart, but by saying this I don’t mean to say, ‘throw away your brain altogether.’ You are intelligent enough to know where and how to put your brain at use.

In my first encounter with Angels during the initial days of my awakening, I was asked to complete a task which I found very hard and so I kept declining. With some positive brain games that they played on me, I accomplished the task. It is then that my Angel guide told me, “the human brain is a magician.” This phrase stuck with me, and I share this message with people who care to listen.

By citing the brain to be a magician what the Angel meant was that you have the capability to create what you desire. Believe in your beliefs in whatever you desire to achieve or acquire. trust within the depths of your heart that you can – and you will see that YOU TRULY CAN.

Set high goals. Think big and positive because your future is in your hands. You are the magician co-creating your life along-with the Universe. So, be aware of your thoughts and work your magic. But don’t forget to follow your heart and be true to yourself.

Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, and thoughts and wishes sought from the heart and manifested by your magical brain have the potential to create positive vibrational ripples to change everything for the good of the self and the world as a whole. So, be the magician you are and create the wonders you have dreamt all your life.


 Waking up to the realization that ‘me’ feeling, about myself being different and weird has a lot to do with my actually being really different, was quite a revelation and very relieving at the same time for me. It’s confusing, Right?

 Well! I was a confused soul in many many matters about myself. 2018 has really been the year of my spiritual awakening. It took me months to decode messages that I received as lucid dreams, visions, and synchronicities. It became more interesting or would I say SCARY or more REAL to me when I learned that I was being nudged, prepped-up, and groomed very very slowly. I found out that certain messages were being sent to me since a long time back. I had no idea back then.

Sometimes it all feels like a fairy-tale. And when illusions and distractions start surrounding my mind, I get shoved, pulled, pushed and dragged allover. I start getting bombarded with messages, dreams, and visions. and asked to be on track.

The revelation that I am a ‘LightWorker’, and there’s a ‘Mission’, a ‘Soul Purpose’ for which I was being prepared made me feel good, or rather special I would say. May I tell you, the ‘Awakening’ term may sound cool to some, but it is a very tiring and painful process/journey. A roller coaster ride of purging emotions, energy upgrades that happen out of the blue, sometimes leaving you with a fever or pain in some particular or every part of your body. And then there are those energy attacks happening every now and then leaving you fully drained and low, and all other kinds of stuff of which I knew nothing about before.

 But it is worth the pain in the end. I finally found myself, after discovering the reason why I was born.

The scars Behind…

It is not unusual to see people fall in and out of love affairs. The reason for two people to fall out of love can be many. But how do they cope with their heartbreak? Even if they are angry with each other, don’t they feel the pangs of their pricking hearts?

Patience and trust are very important factors in the game of Love. It’s heart-numbing to see how people go to such extends in tolerating their partners’ lies, disloyalty and even torture in all forms…mental, emotional, physical…

We think aloud, “Why is it so?”… And the answer is, ‘Because they can’t hate the person they gave away their heart to.’

To keep oneself tied in such relations is foolishness. I suggest better run than ruin your whole life believing you are loved no matter how your partner treats you.

It is easier said than done,… people going through these phases will know what it really means to ‘Let Go’. It’s not easy. We live in our hopes. We believe everything will get to normal as before…and we wait and wait. But the right time is always faraway. Is it foolish to wait? What do you think?

Well, to trust that the best is yet to come makes the waiting much easier. But if it never comes, better understand that it isn’t meant for you. Move On. Don’t let other peoples’ attitude towards you dictate your happiness and your fate. But if you believe that your waiting is worth a million lifetimes… than, don’t stop believing… miracles do happen everyday. Sometimes we need to stop our minds from overthinking in such situations. Too much honking can knock out our brain from thinking right. Listen to your heart instead, it never lies.

Finding the right partner is not easy. Some are lucky to meet the right person and get married too. Their cute love stories give other people hopes… Hopes to Love, Hopes to Dream and trust.

Not everyone is lucky here though. Hearts are broken in every possible shape and very poorly rejoined thereafter, but people hide their scars behind their smiles. Do they ever overcome the pain? Doesn’t it prick them? How do they manage to outgrow the pangs? Or do they never outgrow the pain and the pangs??

Love is the most beautiful thing, though it can get scary…very scary. Yet people don’t stop treading this path. Maybe because falling in love is the easiest thing in the whole process. Things take unwanted turns when the tests’ get too demanding. Most love stories die a premature death here, where promises are not kept. Hearts break and the scars live forever to tell the story of the unfulfilled love, though often hidden behind smiles. People realize it later that, only a few steps ahead, or a little bravery and trust in oneself was what was required at that time. But after time flies away the scars remain to remind of the unfulfilled love, which fell short in gaining its wings.

If you believe in your love, don’t let it get consumed in your fears. Give your hopes and dreams wings…Let your love fly and live its life to the fullest…